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Majority Of Americans Favor Foreign Aid Cuts, Poll Finds

A USA Today/Gallup poll released on Wednesday found that a majority of Americans oppose spending cuts when asked about specific programs, except for foreign aid, The Hill’s blog, “Briefing Room,” reports (Fabian, 1/26).

“The survey asked a random sample of adults whether they favor or oppose cutting spending on a number of programs, with only a reduction in foreign aid being supported by a majority of those surveyed. Fifty-nine percent said they favor cutting foreign aid, while 37 percent said they were opposed,” RTTNews writes (1/26). “Democrats are slightly more likely to favor cuts in homeland security and aid to farmers, while Republicans are slightly more likely to favor cuts in anti-poverty programs and foreign aid,” according to Gallup (Newport/Saad, 1/26).

State Department, USAID Need ‘Targeted’ Budget Increases, Official Says

The State Department’s outgoing Director of Policy Planning Anne-Marie Slaughter said the State Department and USAID need specific budget increases in order to implement reforms and reduce bureaucratic overlaps, Foreign Policy’s blog “The Cable” reports.

“‘We will still be asking for increases in very targeted areas,’ she said, referring to the administration’s fiscal 2012 budget request which will be released in February. Fiscal 2011 funding will likely stay at 2010 levels due to the likelihood of a year-long continuing resolution. But Slaughter said the budget request will also call for reduced funding in other areas. … ‘The things that align with our priorities will be funded and those that don’t align with some of these priorities will not,’ Slaughter said,” adding that the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review “is the basis for our budget” (Rogin, 1/26).