LSHTM, Novartis Foundation Promote ‘Systems Design’ Approach, Digital Technology Advances For Managing Chronic Diseases

SciDev.Net: ‘Evolutions and revolutions’ in chronic disease care
“The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) has teamed up with the Novartis Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the pharmaceutical company, to test a new tack to managing the rising burden of chronic diseases in the developing world. In an interview recorded last week at a symposium co-hosted by the pair, LSHTM Director Peter Piot outlines elements of the partnership. Piot, who also heads the foundation’s board of trustees, focuses on two elements: the need for a ‘systems design’ approach to care that puts people first, and the promise of ‘evolutions and revolutions’ in digital technology for areas where resources are in short supply, particularly sub-Saharan Africa…” (Makri, 12/7).