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Local Initiatives Providing Malaria Information Help Increase Donor Impact, Guardian Reports

The Guardian’s “Global Development Professionals Network” examines how local initiatives to educate the public about malaria prevention and treatment are helping to increase the impact of donor funding. “Stories circulate of bed nets being used as fishing nets, even wedding dresses. Such uses are entirely understandable if distribution is not backed by education and awareness campaigns; or worse, … community distribution systems have not been set up,” the article states. “There’s a growing acknowledgement that really effective malaria control happens at the local level,” Scott Filler, a senior technical adviser for malaria at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, said, according to the newspaper. The article looks at how community health workers, ministries of health, and mass media can help educate the public with “[s]imple messages such as how malaria is transmitted, or how it can be prevented.” The article also includes comments from representatives of World Vision and PATH (Smedley, 1/10).