Little Known About How USAID Ensuring Programs Comply With Trump Administration’s ‘Foreign Assistance Realignment,’ Devex Reports

Devex: USAID missions told to comply with Trump’s ‘foreign assistance realignment’
“The U.S. Agency for International Development is already ensuring its programs comply with the Trump administration’s ‘foreign assistance realignment,’ even though there has not yet been any public acknowledgment that this review and realignment process has concluded. President Donald Trump announced the foreign assistance review in his September 2018 speech at the United Nations General Assembly. While a draft of the realignment order was circulated earlier this year, a final document or presidential directive has yet to be issued. With little public information available about the FAR process, it has been unclear how its principles — which focus on ‘realigning foreign assistance for a new era of great power competition’ — have influenced USAID operations…” (Igoe, 11/28).