Leveraging Partnerships Critical To Achieving Global Food, Nutrition Security, SDGs

Devex: Ending hunger and malnutrition: How to leverage partnerships that work
Laté Lawson-Lartego, senior director for food and nutrition security at CARE USA

“…To truly achieve food and nutrition security for all, we must tackle the vicious cycle of malnutrition. … We need to be sure we’re creating programs that commit to making changes for the most excluded people — especially women — and that we’re thinking about scale. … We need to harness the power of the many players now in the development sphere — including multistakeholder partnerships, research institutes, civil society and communities engagement, and the private sector — but, we can’t let this dilute the responsibility from governments at all levels to make the needed change happen. … There are terrific examples of breakthrough thinking that happen as a result of ‘unlikely allies’ working together both across and within sectors to take advantage of expertise and assets that can leapfrog results and impact created with traditional approaches. Here are five essential pieces of advice for every partnership to help navigate challenges: 1. Ensure we share common values. 2. Know where our expertise and assets can be leveraged. 3. Establish trust and open dialogue between our organizations. 4. Be ready to be challenged and find a middle ground. 5. Stay the course and be persistent to achieve your end goal…” (9/27).