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Let’s Work Together To Help Children With Cerebral Palsy In Nigeria

Writing in the Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog, Freeman Osonuga, founder and executive director of Heal the World Foundation in Nigeria, examines the issue of cerebral palsy, “a disorder of posture and movement which is caused by a permanent and non-progressive insult to the developing brain,” in the country. “Cerebral palsy is in this part of the world [a] common … neurological disorder of childhood with significant medico-social implications,” he writes, noting “children with cerebral palsy are not able to achieve their developmental milestones — compared with other children of their age — and as a result they remain an ever-present burden to their parents, immediate family and the society at large.” He states, “Some of them get abandoned, abused, and neglected; their future remains in uncertainty because there is no nationally known platform or special institution dedicated to their special needs in Nigeria,” and concludes, “Heal the World Foundation Nigeria aims to help children and people with disabilities, orphans and the less privileged in Africa by supporting their education, welfare and health care. And we need you: Let’s help the helpless — together” (11/13).