Lawmakers From India, Japan Work To Implement Sexual, Reproductive Health Suggestions, Educate Fellow Parliamentarians Following ICPD25

IPS: India and Japan’s MPs Act Quickly to Implement Sexual and Reproductive Health Plans after ICPD25
“Parliamentarians from India and Japan have hit the ground running by acting soon after the recent Nairobi Summit on International Conference on Population Development (ICPD25). … Members of the Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (IAPPD) met in Delhi, India, on Dec. 5 to present their suggestions in implementing the ICPD program of action. Some of the MPs were participants at ICPD25 and they got an opportunity to share with their colleagues what they learnt at the summit which was attended by over 8,000 delegates. … Similarly, the Japan Parliamentarians Federation for Population (JPFP) met on Dec. 4 in the capital, Tokyo, [to] follow up on the renewed effort to deliver on the ICPD agenda…” (Phakathi, 1/10).