Landmark Case Could Help Advance Women’s Health Care Rights In Uganda

The Conversation: How the death of two Ugandan mothers is helping entrench the right to health care
Moses Mulumba, executive director at the Center for Health, Human Rights & Development and lecturer at Ugandan Christian University

“…In what has turned into a landmark case [to hold the Ugandan government accountable for the deaths of two Ugandan women], the [Center for Health, Human Rights & Development] has argued that failing to provide essential maternal health commodities in government health facilities is an infringement on women’s rights. The rights to life as well as health are guaranteed under [Uganda’s] constitution as well as international human rights instruments the government has signed up to. … The case has contributed to jurisprudence to help people realize their social economic rights in Uganda. But it has also catalyzed improvements in health service provision. … Most importantly, civil society organizations are now, more than ever, alert to demanding women’s health care rights” (2/21).