Lancet Infectious Diseases Editorial Calls On Donors To Fully Fund Gavi In 3rd Replenishment

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Moving towards equitable access to vaccination
Editorial Board

“Progress in childhood immunizations has stalled for almost a decade. … The Global Vaccine Action Plan, which aims to ensure equitable access to vaccines by 2020, is not on track to meet its targets. This stagnation hampers global health and development and is a key issue for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to address in its third replenishment round from 2021-25. … The next Gavi 5-year plan calls for investment of at least US$7·4 billion (slightly down from $7·5 billion in the period 2016-20), with the objective of immunizing 300 million children against 18 diseases and saving up to 8 million lives. … Achieving global equitable vaccination will boost economies, improve global health security, and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: not just those related to health, but also poverty, inequalities, education, and more. A well-funded and strategically astute Gavi is essential to reaching this goal. It needs strong support now more than ever before” (10/1).