Lack Of WASH Access, High Number Of Stunted Children Highlight India’s Inequality, Poverty

The Guardian: India’s poor sanitation is damaging millions of children. There’s no excuse
Rose George, author

“…[T]here is too much about modern India that is not fair. Modern India has a massive middle class …, economic growth that makes market economists salivate, and the third largest number of billionaires. It also has 250 million people with zero assets. … And, as … a new report by WaterAid reveals, it has more stunted children than any other country. … Half of all cases of malnutrition are linked to diarrhea, says WaterAid. If a child experiences five or more cases of diarrhea before the age of two, he or she may be stunted. Beyond that age, ‘the effects are largely irreversible.’ … Do we have to wait for this generation to grow up before we stop tolerating the current levels of inequality and poverty? … [T]he poverty on the other side is not only unfair and unacceptable, it’s fixable” (8/9).