Key Player In Obama Administration's Plan To Fight Hunger In Africa Under Criminal Investigation, Blog Reports

“Last week, at the opening of the G8 conference hosted by the United States, President Barack Obama announced a $3 billion, largely private sector plan aimed at fighting hunger in Africa,” KPLU 88.5’s “Humanosphere” blog reports, adding, “Now we learn that the top player on Obama’s private sector plan to fight hunger in Africa is under criminal investigation over allegations of corruption — bribes paid to foreign officials.” The blog notes, “According to the Obama administration, specifically the U.S. Agency for International Development, as much as $2 billion of their $3 billion initiative is based on a plan by a Norwegian firm, Yara International, to build a fertilizer plant in Africa (location unspecified),” but “[l]ittle noticed so far are a few news reports of the Norwegian government’s investigation of Yara for criminal corruption — bribes paid to gain foreign contracts” (Paulson, 5/21).