Kaiser Family Foundation Releases New Poll On Americans’ Views On Ebola

Kaiser Family Foundation: Kaiser Health Policy News Index: Special Focus On Ebola
The Kaiser Family Foundation released findings from the organization’s new Tracking Poll on Americans’ views on Ebola. The poll, which was fielded after a Liberian man was diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas and remained in the field after a nurse who helped care for him contracted the disease, examines Americans’ attention to the Ebola crisis, awareness of key facts about the disease, and views of the U.S. role in addressing Ebola in Africa and at home. Specifically, the poll finds that few Americans expect a widespread Ebola outbreak in the U.S., although some are worried they or a family member may become infected; most Americans say they trust local, state, and federal health authorities to contain the disease; and Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all support a major U.S. role fighting Ebola in West Africa. These and other findings are available online (10/16).