Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health Dean Outlines 10 Public Health ‘Truths’ Trump Administration Should Consider

The Baltimore Sun: 10 public health truths for Trump
Michael J. Klag, dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“…We should let evidence — not politics — direct actions to benefit everyone in our country. With this in mind, I offer 10 public health truths for the new administration: 1. The health of societies is the responsibility of political leaders as well as individuals. … 2. Inequities are poisonous and lead to resentment, unrest, and poor health outcomes. … 3. Health, the environment, and economic disparities are intertwined. … 4. Access to quality health care is a human right. … 5. Health care costs in the U.S. must be contained. … 6. The current health care system is inefficient. … 7. Violence is a public health issue. … 8. Vaccines save lives and money, and they do not cause autism. … 9. Global health is our health. … 10. Climate change must be addressed…” (2/2).