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Ivanka Trump Discusses Trump Administration’s Proposed Actions Against Countries That Fail To Address Human Trafficking

Washington Post: The Trump administration is taking bold action to combat the evil of human trafficking
Ivanka Trump, adviser to the president of the United States

“…Every government in the world has a moral obligation to do all in its power to stop [human trafficking] within its borders. That is why President Trump took strong action on Thursday to hold accountable those governments that have persistently failed to meet the minimum standards for combating human trafficking in their countries. Specifically, the president will limit the number of national-interest waivers and restrict certain types of foreign assistance for nearly two dozen governments of countries identified as ‘Tier 3’ by the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report. … The United States is an extraordinarily generous nation, but this administration will no longer use taxpayer dollars to support governments that consistently fail to address trafficking. The most urgent types of assistance to these countries will continue, including humanitarian aid and lifesaving global health programs such as HIV treatment and Ebola preparedness and response. But the new restrictions will hold these governments accountable while providing further incentive for them to live up to their responsibility to end this scourge. The United States will encourage Tier 3 countries to step up efforts to eliminate human trafficking, including the establishment of new laws and national action plans…” (11/29).