Ireland’s Abortion Law Discriminatory, Inhumane To Women, U.N. Human Rights Committee Finds

Associated Press: U.N.: Ireland’s abortion ban is cruel, discriminatory to women
“Ireland’s abortion ban subjects women to discriminatory, cruel, and degrading treatment and should be ended immediately for cases involving fatal fetal abnormalities, U.N. human rights experts said Thursday…” (Pogatchnik, 6/9).

The Atlantic: United Nations Panel Tells Ireland to Change its Abortion Ban
“…Abortion is illegal in Ireland, except when a pregnancy threatens a woman’s life, which includes the risk of suicide. The law does not allow abortions in cases of incest, rape, congenital defects, or when it is known the fetus will not survive outside of the womb…” (Koren, 6/9).

U.N. News Centre: Ireland: U.N. experts urge amending abortion ban subjecting women to suffering and discrimination
“…The independent experts, from the Geneva-based Human Rights Committee, issued their findings after considering a complaint by [a] woman … who was told in November 2011 when she was in the 21st week of pregnancy that her fetus had congenital defects, which meant it would die in the womb or shortly after birth. This meant she had to choose ‘between continuing her non-viable pregnancy or traveling to another country while carrying a dying fetus, at personal expense and separated from the support of her family, and to return while not fully recovered,’ the committee said in a press release…” (6/9).

Washington Post: A U.N. judgment says Ireland’s anti-abortion laws are a violation of human rights
“…In a 29-page report, the committee said [the woman’s] human rights had been violated. The language the report used to castigate the Irish government was strong. It said Ireland’s ban on abortion subjected a woman carrying a fetus with a fatal abnormality to discrimination and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment…” (Bearak, 6/9).