IPCC Report Demands Action On Climate Change

Washington Post: The new IPCC report shows that work to limit climate change must begin now
Noting the findings of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “its first comprehensive report since 2007 on the changes that might accompany a rising global temperature and on humanity’s potential to cope with them,” the editorial states, “It isn’t encouraging. A more rational Washington wouldn’t have needed this document to formulate a better plan for handling the many risks; that would have happened long ago. … The experts leave little doubt about the right response: Cut pollution to head off the worst possible consequences and prepare for the risks the world is unlikely to avoid, given its inability to slash emissions quickly. Delaying action, they note, reduces the world’s options and affords vulnerable people less time to cope. … [Action] demands that both [Democratic and Republican] parties admit there is a dangerous problem that demands attention — now” (4/5).