Investments In Health Workers, Health Systems Strengthening Needed To Control Ebola, Other Disease Outbreaks

New York Times: Letter to the Editor: Preventing Ebola Outbreaks
David Barash, chief medical officer of the GE Foundation, and Lynn Black, former chair of Last Mile Health

“…[W]e must focus less on the status and more on strengthening the health systems to treat and contain [the Ebola] virus and subsequent outbreaks. … Significant investment and attention has been devoted to training … health workers and implementing systems to manage suspected and confirmed Ebola cases. … We must build on these investments and other sustainable system-strengthening programs, focusing attention on the training and deployment of skilled health workers in remote regions still beyond the reach of the health system, not just to blunt our fear of Ebola, but to give hope that we can contain any other outbreaks, improve maternal and child health care delivery, and stem the tide of noncommunicable diseases” (12/1).