Investment In, Strengthening Of Health Systems Crucial To Preventing Ebola, Other Disease Outbreaks

The Lancet: Ebola: forgotten but not gone?
Editorial Board

“On October 16, two new Ebola cases were reported in Guinea, indicating the continuing danger of Ebola virus even after progress in bringing the West African Ebola outbreak under control. … Salutary lessons are still being learned from the West African Ebola outbreak — opportunities for and benefits of research will be greatest in the communities most affected. WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan believes the world is ‘dangerously ill-prepared’ for further infectious disease outbreaks spread through the air or contagious during an incubation period. Strengthening of and investment in health systems in countries most at risk of infectious disease outbreaks are key to prevention, and in the worst case scenarios control, of health emergencies” (10/24).