Investing In Local Peacebuilders Key To Ending War, Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

Devex: Opinion: We cannot wait another 1,000 days to help Yemen
Shoqi A. Maktary, country director of Search for Common Ground — Yemen

“[Friday marked] the 1,000-day anniversary of the beginning of the war in Yemen. … For 1,000 days — day in, day out — we [Yemenis] have woken up and gone to bed with the terrifying reality of airstrikes, ground-fighting, and hunger. But this is not the worst of our pain. Our real source of pain is knowing that all of this could have been prevented, with one simple, life-saving decision — to support peacebuilders. In fact, a concerted effort by the international community to invest in local peacebuilders would not only help stop the violence and bloodshed, but would also stabilize our country and alleviate horrific human suffering in the long term. … It’s time to go beyond addressing only the humanitarian crisis and other symptoms of the conflict. It’s time to help local mediators and peacebuilders succeed…” (12/15).