Investing In Girls’ Education Will Support SDG Achievements, Contribute To AIDS-Free Generation

Huffington Post: Building On the Momentum to Empower Adolescent Girls
Deborah L. Birx, ambassador-at-large and coordinator of the U.S. government activities to combat HIV/AIDS

“…Investing in girls’ education is key to enabling young women to live the Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe (DREAMS) lives they deserve. When women have the resources and opportunities to fulfill their dreams, the benefits extend beyond their personal well-being, strengthening their families, communities, and countries. Healthy and empowered women play a vital role in facilitating global development, security, and prosperity. … [Secretary of State John Kerry’s] announcement of $40 million to target the intersection of HIV and girls’ education directly or indirectly supports the achievement of many of [the Sustainable Development] Goals … [It] reflects a commitment to innovative ideas and high-impact approaches to meet the urgent and complex needs of adolescent girls and young women, and builds on the landmark Let Girls Learn initiative. This Women’s History Month, as the world looks back at how far we’ve come and still must go to enable all women to realize their dreams, PEPFAR is proud to make its contribution…” (3/15).