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Invest In Health Workers For Better Health Care Delivery

In a guest post in IntraHealth’s “Vital” blog, Vanessa Kerry, founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, examines the need to invest in health workers, writing, “For essential caregivers — whether they’re physicians, midwives, or skilled birth attendants — training can mean the difference between life and death.” She highlights the efforts of her organization “to help create a sustainable solution to the severe shortage of skilled health care providers worldwide,” focusing on a recent project “to prevent newborn asphyxiation in Uganda.” She concludes, “Investing in training 200 nurse educators today can lead to better health care delivery, result in a lower rate of neonatal mortality, and strengthen Uganda’s health system. Building a larger cadre of well-educated nurses is essential to the future of neonatal health in Uganda and around the world” (12/13).