IntraHealth International Officials Discuss Links Between Health Workforce, Economy

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: 5 Challenges to Women’s Human, Economic, and Labor Rights in the Global Health Workforce
Constance Newman, senior team leader for gender equality and health at IntraHealth International, discusses the role of women in health care delivery and highlights challenges “to fully integrate women in the formal health economy in health systems that protect the earning potential, economic security, and labor rights of their female workers” (5/27).

World Economic Forum: Can the World’s Expanding Health Sector Heal Our Economies?
Kate Tulenko, vice president of Health Systems Innovation at IntraHealth International, discusses ways to ensure that health sector jobs will be cost-effective and improve health care, including “1. Fix the broken educational system … 2. Create career paths … 3. Address gender challenges … 4. Modernize management … 5. Rationalize financing…” (5/25).