International Self-Care Day Opportunity To Ensure Women, Girls Can Proactively Maintain Own Health

Huffington Post: Women and Girls Must Become Champions for Their Own Health
Erica Mann, member of the Board of Management and president of the Consumer Health Division at Bayer AG, and Betsy McCallon, chief executive officer at White Ribbon Alliance

“…[International Self-Care Day is] an opportunity for all of us — individuals, governments, and organizations — to advocate and make self-care a health care priority. … [Self-care] ensures that individuals have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to proactively maintain their own health. … The power lies in self-care’s ability to empower individuals to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families — putting them in control. This is especially important for society’s most vulnerable: women, newborns, and children. … On International Self-Care Day, Bayer and White Ribbon Alliance call upon everyone to embrace the principles of self-care. Each and every one of us has a part to play in developing and promoting health information, supporting women to make decisions about their own health, and in calling for policies that create an enabling environment for self-care” (7/23).