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International Cooperation Needed To Address Humanitarian Crises In Syria, Iraq

The following opinion pieces discuss issues surrounding the humanitarian crises in Iraq and Syria.

Huffington Post: Iraq, Syria Plan Must Include Food for Hungry
William Lambers, author and blogger

“As President Obama sets forth a plan to destroy the terrorist army ISIL, a broader initiative must be in place to fight hunger. … Iraqis need freedom from the violence brought on by ISIL. They also need freedom from the hunger and want that is devastating their lives. International cooperation will be key. WFP depends on voluntary donations for its hunger relief missions. The U.S. Food for Peace program is the largest single WFP donor. Saudi Arabia recently made a large donation to WFP operations in Iraq. Many nations have to be involved to provide food for Iraqi war victims. Iraq is also home to refugees from the civil war in Syria…” (9/10).

Washington Post: How the U.S. is falling short as Syria’s humanitarian crisis rages
Rick Noack, foreign affairs journalist and Arthur F. Burns Fellow at the Washington Post

“While the Obama administration struggles to decide on military intervention against the Islamic State in Syria, it is also running the risk of ignoring the humanitarian crisis in the country. On Tuesday, an Oxfam Briefing Paper accused the international community of failing Syria on three fronts, citing insufficient aid, meager resettlement offers, and continued arms transfers. The report warns that only half of the $7.7 billion in humanitarian appeals for the country have been funded…” (9/10).