International Community Must Strengthen Civil Registration Efforts To ID All People, Achieve SDGs

Huffington Post: Finding the Missing Millions Can Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
Mahmoud Mohieldin, corporate secretary and president’s special envoy at the World Bank Group, and Mariana Dahan, coordinator of the Identification for Development (ID4D) Working Group of the World Bank Group

“…A staggering 2.4 billion people today lack any form of recognized identity (ID) … [T]he importance of robust identification goes beyond its intrinsic value: it also enables the achievement of many other SDGs, such as financial inclusion, reduced corruption, gender equality, access to health services, and appropriate social protection schemes. … More and stronger coalitions … are needed to ensure that the world reaches the Sustainable Development Goals in general, and the SDG target 16.9 [to provide legal identity for all] in particular. … Better coordination at the country, sub-regional, regional, and global levels is of eminent importance. … Similarly important is support for civil society organizations … Finally, the international community should establish the right monitoring mechanisms and indicators to measure whether we are on track to achieving the SDGs. This target for universal identity will be especially critical as a means of monitoring and achieving the SDGs as a whole…” (12/7).