International Community Must Make Better Case For Global Health Investment

The Lancet: Financing global health: the poverty of nations
Editorial Board

“…Although social protection, malnutrition, infrastructure, industrialization, employment, ecosystems, and the importance of peaceful and inclusive societies are discussed in the [Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA)], it ignored the symbiotic relationship between health and human development. Of 134 paragraphs, only one (paragraph 77) was dedicated to health. … [B]y contrast with Monterrey and Doha, health is no longer a priority. A golden age for health seems to have passed. In December, Japan will host replenishment preparatory negotiations for the Global Fund. With just months to go, it is imperative that the global health community unites behind a better case for investment in health than it did in Addis…” (7/25).