International Community Has Shared Responsibility To Step Up Against Global Health Crises

Huffington Post: Why We ALL Need to Care About ‘Failed Health States’
Stanley M. Bergman, chair of the Board and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc.

“…A global health crisis anywhere in the world can pose a humanitarian, economic, and security threat everywhere in the world. …The world’s attention, now riveted by Ebola, can lead to a renewed focus on learning from the mistakes of the past and the development of an effective, coordinated, global emergency response strategy. If we have learned one lesson from the Ebola crisis, it is that we have not learned the lessons of all the previous crises. Let us not lose this opportunity to save lives right now and countless lives in the future, while also reducing the tremendous economic and security risk that ‘failed health states,’ and the threat of pandemic, pose to the world” (2/19).