Intellectual Property Watch Examines WHO Working Group On Drug Development Financing

Intellectual Property Watch examines the wrap-up of a WHO meeting of experts discussing innovative ways to finance research and development for products to treat diseases in developing countries and reports that recommendations by the group are expected to be released within a few weeks. 

Intellectual Proprety Watch outlines several strategies discussed during the meeting, including taxes and donations: “Money-making models discussed by the working group seemed to heavily revolve around taxes, from the drug-procurement group UNITAID’s tax on airline tickets, to the ‘Tobin tax’ that proposes a small surcharge on financial transactions, to other suggested taxes on goods like tobacco or pharmaceuticals. There was also discussion of voluntary donations, perhaps through a fund, a source told Intellectual Property Watch.”

The publication also examines a recent WHO progress report (.pdf) on the agency’s global strategy for pubic health, innovation and intellectual property. “The implementation of the global strategy is focusing on three areas: innovation and access, capacity building, and resource mobilisation and sustainable financing, Precious Matsoso [of the WHO] said … Initial areas, according to the global strategy report seem to be heavily focussed on technology transfer and capacity building,” the publication writes (Mara, 12/7).