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Integrate Nutrition Into Development Programs To Curtail Child Malnutrition, IRIN Reports

Noting “[m]alnutrition among children under age five in the Sahel is expected to rise again this year,” IRIN examines efforts to curtail malnutrition among this population. However, “as specialists collect robust evidence on the most effective ways to save the lives of 1.5 million children in the region — going beyond food to tackle malaria, boost health care, increase vaccination coverage and improve access to clean water as part of integrated packages — donors remain cautious about commitments,” the news service states. The article examines how donors, international non-governmental organizations, and national governments can work together to address the major causes of malnutrition, which currently “are often not well integrated; instead they are ‘siloed’ in pilot projects or ‘vertical programs’ focusing on vaccinations, health care or nutrition, each run by a different organization” (10/14).