Inhaled Interferon Beta Increased Likelihood Of Recovery Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients, Preliminary Findings Show

Financial Times: Immunosuppressant drug shows promise for Covid-19 patients
“An initial trial showing that an immunosuppressant drug can significantly increase the likelihood of recovery among patients hospitalized by Covid-19 sent the share price of biotech company Synairgen soaring on Monday. In a study involving 101 patients from nine U.K. hospitals, those who were given interferon beta — which is commonly used to treat multiple sclerosis and thyroid dysfunction — were more than twice as likely to recover and were 79 percent less likely to develop a more severe version of the disease. Their breathlessness was also ‘markedly reduced,’ the company said…” (Gross/Mancini, 7/20).

Additional coverage of the study is available from BBC, CBC, New York Times, and UPI.