Indigenous Australians Continue To Be Disproportionately Affected By HIV, STIs, Study Shows

ABC Online: Indigenous HIV rates double while falling among wider population, new research shows
“Indigenous Australians continue to be disproportionately represented in HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates compared to the wider population, new research has found…” (Mayers, 11/14).

The Guardian: HIV infection rate in Indigenous men doubles in five years
“…The proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diagnosed with HIV was double that of non-Indigenous men, surveillance data collated by the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales and published on Monday found. Rates also doubled among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged over 35 in the past five years, with 10 diagnoses per 100,000 Indigenous people in 2015…” (Davey, 11/13).

VICE: Numbers of Indigenous Men With HIV Have Doubled in Five Years
“…The report also found that Indigenous men were more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections in general: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience far higher rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and infectious syphilis compared to non-Indigenous Australians…” (Gillespie, 11/14).