India’s PM Modi Pledges $100B Increase To Country’s Health Services By 2025 At 2018 Partners Forum

Devex: India claims it will boost health spending by $100B
“India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a $100 billion boost to the country’s health services by 2025 on Wednesday, but advocates expressed doubt about whether and how the money would materialize. The huge figure represents 2.5 percent of India’s gross domestic product, up from 1.15 percent, and an actual increase in health spending of 345 percent over the current share, according to Modi…” (Abrahams, 12/14).

The Guardian: Health care to get $100bn boost as India aims to cut maternal deaths
“…Quoting from Hindu scriptures — he said that ‘where women are honored, divinity blossoms there’ — Modi told a meeting in New Delhi of the 2018 Partners Forum that India would achieve global targets to reduce maternal and infant deaths before the 2030 deadline. The forum is an amalgamation of national and global organizations working to improve maternal and child health…” (Dhillon, 12/14)