Indian Government Withdraws Substandard Polio Vaccine, Calms Fears Along With WHO

Quartz India: After contaminated vaccine sparks polio fears in India, WHO calms nerves
“…The detection of contaminated vials of type-2 polio vaccines among batches administered to children in some parts of the country has sparked concern in medical and government circles, besides the public. … The WHO has, however, downplayed the risk, crediting the high routine vaccination coverage in India…” (Singh, 10/4).

Xinhua News: Indian gov’t withdraws “contaminated” polio vaccine, urges people not to panic
“Amid reports that some bivalent oral polio vaccines supplied by a particular company were found ‘not of standard quality,’ Indian authorities have stopped its usage and withdrawn the stocks, the health ministry said Friday. … The ministry however said there was no need to panic and parents should get their children properly vaccinated…” (10/5).