Incidence Of Vaccine-Preventable, Insect-Borne Diseases Rises In Venezuela As Health Care System Fails, Threatening Region, Experts Say

The Guardian: Venezuela crisis threatens disease epidemic across continent — experts
“Experts have warned of an epidemic of diseases such as malaria and dengue on an unprecedented scale in Latin America following the collapse of the health care system in Venezuela…” (Boseley/Graham-Harrison, 2/21).

NBC News: Life-threatening, insect-borne diseases spike in Venezuela, report says
“…Venezuela is seeing a resurgence in diseases like malaria, dengue, the Zika virus, and Chagas disease, according to a report published Thursday by medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases…” (Acevedo, 2/21).

Reuters: Venezuela crisis could spark surge in infectious diseases: study
“… ‘As well as the return of measles and other vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, the continued upsurge in malaria could soon become uncontrollable,’ said Martin Llewellyn, a doctor and senior lecturer at Britain’s Glasgow University who led the review with researchers from Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador…” (Kelland, 2/21).

The Telegraph: Venezuela compared to war zone as number of malaria cases rocket
“…The research adds to the growing evidence of the impact of economic collapse and hyperinflation in what was once one of the richest countries in South America. Earlier this year separate pieces of research showed that the country’s infant mortality rate had reversed and infectious diseases such as measles and diphtheria were returning to the country…” (Gulland, 2/21).