In Testimony To U.S. House Subcommittee, Experts Express Concerns Over Proposed Cuts To Programs Providing East African Food, Humanitarian Assistance; Rep. Smith Pledges Continued Funding

VOA News: Experts Concerned by Potential Cuts to Lifesaving USAID Programs
“A U.S. congressional committee heard complaints Tuesday that USAID programs are at risk of getting ‘slashed’ or ‘eliminated’ under the proposed budget from the White House, during a time when the threat of famine in East Africa is the ‘highest it has been in decades.’ At the hearing of a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, panelists warned that U.S. budget cuts could undermine efforts to address the consequences of drought and a crisis-driven famine at a time when aid agencies are attempting to scale up efforts to prevent millions from dying…” (Bior, 3/29).

Daily Nation: U.S. food aid to Kenya won’t be cut, Congressman Chris Smith says
“An influential Republican lawmaker pledged on Tuesday that the U.S. will continue providing life-saving food aid to Kenya and neighboring countries despite the Trump administration’s threatened cuts in international assistance. ‘The president proposes; Congress disposes,’ noted Chris Smith, chairman of the House of Representatives’ Africa subcommittee. ‘Congress will make sure we get humanitarian assistance to where we need it most,’ he said. Mr. Smith’s comments were made at a hearing his subcommittee held on the topic of ‘East Africa’s Quiet Famine’…” (Kelley, 3/29).