In STAT Interview, Unitaid Interim Executive Director Discusses Organization’s Efforts To Address COVID-19 Pandemic, Importance Of Access To Medical Products

STAT: Poor countries must not be forgotten in the Covid-19 battle, Unitaid director warns
“Founded more than a dozen years ago, Unitaid has received more than $3 billion in donations for its work to research and identify solutions to such tenacious diseases as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. … Unitaid recently endorsed the idea of having the WHO create a voluntary pool to collect intellectual property, which would gather patents, regulatory test data, and other information to ensure ‘equitable access’ to vaccines, treatments, and other medical products for combating Covid-19. We spoke with Philippe Duneton, the interim executive director, about Unitaid efforts to combat the pandemic and why widening access to medical products must be a global priority…” (Silverman, 4/22).