In Order To Reduce Number Of Abortions Worldwide, U.S. President Trump Should Reverse Decision To Reinstate Mexico City Policy

Huffington Post: Get ready for more unsafe abortions around the world
Christopher Purdy, president of DKT International

“Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you should be very concerned by Mr. Trump’s re-instituting the ‘global gag rule,’ also known as the Mexico City policy. In doing so, the president has ironically all but guaranteed an increase in unsafe abortions (and abortions in general) around the world. … The U.S. government has historically been one of the largest funders of family planning around the world. Now, many programs funded by the U.S. government will end and will not be replaced. Many women who were served by those programs will no longer have access to contraception and, as a result, become pregnant. Many will terminate these unwanted pregnancies. In countries where abortion is restricted, we know from experience that women will resort to back-alley abortions that are unsafe. If Mr. Trump is serious about reducing the number of abortions globally, he should reverse this decision” (1/31).