In JAMA Piece, Georgetown Professors Urge WHO To Convene Meeting On Angolan Yellow Fever Outbreak; U.N. Agency Says Outbreak Largely Controlled

International Business Times: Yellow fever poised to become global health emergency with WHO urged to take action
“The current outbreak of yellow fever in Angola could lead to the latest global health emergency, say two professors from Georgetown University. They say the continued spread of the disease, and the lack of vaccine supply, means the World Health Organization (WHO) should ‘urgently convene an emergency committee’ to coordinate an international response. … ‘There are strong reasons to convene an emergency committee now,’ [Daniel Lucey and Lawrence Gostin of Georgetown University] write in their JAMA Viewpoint…” (Atherton, 5/10).

Reuters: Vaccines put brakes on yellow fever outbreaks, more may pop up: WHO
“A major yellow fever outbreak in Angola and two smaller flare-ups in Uganda and Congo are largely under control but countries have been warned to be vigilant in case the disease pops up elsewhere, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday…” (Miles, 5/10).