In Democratic House Leadership Race, Rep. Ryan Challenges Rep. Pelosi On Party’s Focus On Zika Funding

Washington Times: Tim Ryan: Zika fight costly for Democrats in 2016 election
“Rep. Tim Ryan says Democrats made a mistake by focusing so heavily on the Zika fight this summer, picking a parochial political battle over an issue that turned out not to be the disaster they’d been counting on. … Mr. Ryan, an Ohio Democrat challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi for her House leadership post, said over the weekend that was a mistake, saying it threw the party ‘off track’ in an election year dominated by economic angst. … A Pelosi spokesman on Monday disputed Mr. Ryan’s claim that Democrats placed a greater election-year emphasis on Zika than the economy — their ‘Stronger America’ focused on things like infrastructure and student debt relief — and said Mr. Ryan joined the rest of House Democrats in calling on GOP leadership to act on Zika funding…” (Howell, 11/21).