Improving Health Systems ‘At Every Level’ Critical To Mitigating Climate Change Effects

Devex: Global health and global warming: How COP21 can deliver
Michèle Rivasi, French member of the European Parliament, vice chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation to the ACP-E.U. Joint Parliamentary Assembly, and vice chair of Déi Gréng — Les Verts (Group of the European Greens/EFA); and Claude Turmes, member of the European Parliament from Luxembourg, representing Déi Gréng — Les Verts

“…A resurgence in diseases like malaria and dengue would turn back the clock on the unprecedented global health achievements of the last 15 years. … We need to accelerate the rollout of lifesaving medicines that we already have. We also need to invest heavily in the next generation of global health innovations — a vaccine for malaria that could become ever more necessary, for example. … If we are to mitigate the effects of climate change on health, we need to make sure that health systems at every level are able and equipped. … [I]f we can reach a binding and ambitious climate accord in Paris now, if we can move away from a carbon-intensive culture and consumption patterns, we have an opportunity to reap a huge health dividend — through more sustainable forms of transport, healthier eating, reduced air pollution, and a renewed fight against diseases of poverty” (12/9).