Implementation Of Global Vaccine Action Plan Must Include All Stakeholders

“This week in Geneva, health ministers from governments around the world will meet at the 65th World Health Assembly (WHA) for their annual meeting to discuss health issues that affect everyone everywhere,” Orin Levine, executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC), writes in this post in the Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog. “Among the resolutions they will consider is one supporting the Global Vaccine Action Plan, a road map to ensure that by the end of this decade, every child, everywhere enjoys the full benefits of immunization,” he notes.

“The plan sets ambitious new goals for the decade, establishes strategic objectives and identifies the actions that will support their achievement,” Levine continues, adding, “Perhaps most importantly, it puts developing countries at the center of the plan and stresses country and community ownership of immunization programs as a key pillar for success in the decade ahead.” He writes, “We have our work cut out for us, to be sure — and achieving these goals will require that we all do our part, and that we go beyond even Ministers of Health to engage other stakeholders and communities.” Levine concludes, “In a world where corporations, foundations, and non-governmental organizations can be as powerful as some governments, a winning plan for the Decade of Vaccines will require including all the players who can help to achieve this common goal” (5/22).