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Impacts Of U.S. Funding Cuts Felt Across UNFPA, Agency Official Tells Devex

Devex: UNFPA assess extent and impact of U.S. cuts
“The United Nations Population Fund is still assessing the full impact of the United States cutting $32.5 million in core funding earlier this month. But the effects are already clear at almost all of the country offices and programs that rely on the U.S., the agency’s second largest donor, Arthur Erken, the agency’s head of communications and partnerships, told Devex. … While no single program is facing an imminent risk of termination, all work will be scaled back across the more than 150 countries UNFPA operates in, he added. Fourteen countries received ‘non-core’ UNFPA funding from the U.S. in 2016, but the U.S. funding has backed the UNFPA’s work in all of its countries, except China and a few ‘rogue’ states, such as North Korea…” (Lieberman, 4/18).