IAS President Chris Beyrer Discusses HIV/AIDS-Related Issues In Global Health NOW Interview

Global Health NOW: Chris Beyrer: “We Have to Finish This Job”
“…In this first of a two-part Q&A with Global Health NOW’s Brian W. Simpson, [Chris Beyrer, IAS president and an epidemiology professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,] shares insights into [HIV] treatment and prevention synergies, the challenge of keeping donors engaged, and the value of ambitious goals…” (Simpson, 7/19).

Global Health NOW: Chris Beyrer Part II: Social Barriers in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
“…In this second part of a Q&A…, Beyrer … explains what issues keep him up at night, the costs of punitive laws against homosexuality, and the prospects for immediate antiretroviral therapy upon a positive diagnosis…” (Simpson, 7/21).