Huffington Post Live Looks At Public Health Crisis In Syria

Huffington Post Live features an interview with two doctors and a nurse, representing several of dozens of American doctors who “are traveling to Syria doing their part to help treat a public health crisis in the midst of a civil war,” HuffPo Live correspondent Ahmed Shihab-Eldin states. Shihab-Eldin says “70 percent of Syria’s medical professionals have fled the country” and “many Syrians have not had any medical care or medicine available for more than two years, and those treating the injured are short of everything — IV fluids, antibiotics, painkillers, surgical supplies, electricity, ambulances, and even the very fuel needed to operate generators to keep the lights on.” Lara Setrakian, co-founder and executive editor of Syria Deeply, co-hosts the segment, which is part of Syria Deeply’s “Syria ER” feature. The news service provides links to other articles on Syria’s public health crisis (7/10).