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HIV Recurs In Child Who Had Undetectable Viral Load On Therapy For 3 Years

News outlets report on the recurrence of HIV in an Italian three-year-old boy who stopped antiretroviral therapy after three years of treatment and undetectable viral load test results.

Bloomberg News: HIV Cure Quest Suffers Setback in Italian Boy’s Relapse
“HIV returned in a three-year-old boy who doctors thought had been cured of the virus, echoing a similar case last year that suggests early aggressive treatment fails to clear the reservoirs that make the disease a lifelong infection…” (Bennett, 10/2).

The Guardian: HIV bounces back in baby ‘cleared’ of the virus by drug treatment
“…The case comes after doctors in Mississippi this year reported a similar return of HIV in a baby girl who was born with the virus but tested negative after an early and aggressive course of antiretroviral treatment…” (Sample, 10/2).

Washington Post: False hope from ‘cure’ of Mississippi baby with HIV leads to reinfection of second child
“…The news was especially devastating because — unlike the child in Mississippi who missed treatments because her mother neglected to bring her back to for followup visits — doctors in this case stopped the antiretrovirals on purpose…” (Cha, 10/2).