Hillary Clinton Says U.S. Should Review Helms Amendment To Allow Assistance For Abortion As Result Of Rape In Conflict Zones

CNN: Clinton on rape, abortion in war zones
“Hillary Clinton said Sunday she believes that because rape is increasingly being used as a weapon of war, the United States should help the victims by finding a way to get around a law that bars U.S. foreign assistance funds for abortion. Clinton was asked at a Clinton, Iowa, town hall about the 1973 Helms Amendment … ‘I do think we have to take a look at this for conflict zones,’ Clinton said in response to a question from a woman in the audience. ‘And if the United States government, because of very strong feelings against it, maintains our prohibition, then we are going to have to work through non-profit groups and work with other countries to…provide the support and medical care that a lot of these women need’…” (Merica, 11/23).