HHS Secretary Nominee Alex Azar’s History With Pharmaceutical Industry Could Threaten Access To Medicines, U.S. Global Health Initiatives

The Hill: Alex Azar is bad medicine for HHS
Hilary McQuie, director of U.S. policy and grassroots mobilization at the Health Global Access Project (GAP)

“…Americans want government action to address the crisis of out of control domestic drug price increases, and they overwhelmingly support successful global health initiatives overseas like the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. With [former drug company executive Alex Azar] leading HHS, both would be imperiled. We need a credible advocate for patients, one who will take measures to curtail price gouging and limit corporate overreach in domestic and foreign rule making and enforcement. HHS is tasked to provide leadership and expertise in global health diplomacy and policy to contribute to a safer, healthier world. The world deserves a secretary who will neither misuse nor export our own deeply problematic drug monopoly regime to any other country. The Senate should cast off the influence of drug company campaign contributions and reject Mr. Azar’s nomination for this important post” (1/6).