HHS Secretary Azar Reaffirms Trump Administration’s Support For International Right To Life In Blair House Speech

HHS: Secretary Azar Hosts Foreign Officials to Reaffirm Trump Administration’s Support for Protecting Life in Global Health Policy
“[Thursday], January 16, 2020, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar hosted ambassadors and high level officials from more than 30 countries representing more than 1.7 billion people at the Blair House for a meeting to further advance the Trump administration’s work within global health policy to promote a positive vision for women’s health, protect the lives of the most vulnerable, defend the important role of the family, and encourage respect for national sovereignty. … During the meeting, Secretary Azar reaffirmed the Trump administration’s support for an international right to life and opposition to efforts by organizations like the United Nations to use diplomatic channels and declarations to undermine the sovereignty of individual nations on these matters…” (1/16).