Herbicide Glyphosate Wins 5-Year E.U. Approval Amid Debate Over Cancer-Causing Concerns

New York Times: Glyphosate, Top-Selling Weed Killer, Wins E.U. Approval for 5 Years
“The European Union voted on Monday to extend its authorization for the world’s best-selling herbicide for an abbreviated period of five years, with France and Germany splitting over the move. … The vote on Monday capped an unusually lengthy and combative European review process that unfolded amid claims and counterclaims about the cancer-causing risks of glyphosate…” (Hakim, 11/27).

Reuters: Germany swings E.U. vote in favor of weed-killer glyphosate
“…Europe has been wrestling for the past two years over what to do with the chemical, a key ingredient in Monsanto’s top-selling Roundup, whose license was set to expire on Dec. 15. The chemical has been used by farmers for more than 40 years, but its safety was cast into doubt when a World Health Organization agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concluded in 2015 it probably causes cancer…” (Blenkinsop, 11/27).