Health Workers Tracking, Vaccinating Ebola Contacts In DRC, Warn More Cases Possible

ABC News: At the center of Ebola in the Congo, worry and indifference coexist
“…Mbandaka is one of three areas affected by an Ebola outbreak in [the Democratic Republic of Congo] and the focus of Ebola response efforts, since it’s a hub in the region. Boats with passengers and goods travel to and from the city on a daily basis. Neighboring countries lie just across the busy Congo River. Three people in Mbandaka have died from Ebola disease in the past few weeks and more than 400 people are being monitored because they are believed to be at risk…” (Dewast, 5/31).

Associated Press: Nearly 700 get Ebola vaccine in Congo; more cases possible
“More than 680 people have received Ebola vaccinations in the three health zones where dozens of cases of the deadly virus have been confirmed, Congo’s health ministry said. Health experts are pushing to find contacts of those infected, having already located more than 1,000…” (Petesch/Cheng, 6/1).